Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sometimes People Sicken Me.

Take a look at this article:

Christians Openly Advocate Killing Atheists on FOX News Facebook Page

It makes me sick to see people claiming to adhere to a religion that preaches tolerance, compassion and goodwill turn around and say that they want people who don't believe as they do, to die, be murdered, or otherwise deprived of life.

Who the FUCK do you think you are?

Sorry folks, but your religion is fast being eclipsed by a whole lotta other ones. It always was, to be frank. If you add up the adherents to all other religions - or no religion at all - that number fast outpaces that of Christians.

Now how would you like the REST of us to desire YOU dead? I'm sure you wouldn't like it any better than we do.

Kindly take your attitudes and shove them up your collective ass.

Go back to your brick-and-mortar churches and pretend to believe in a god that tells you to show tolerance, compassion, and generosity to all, even those who do not believe as you do. Maybe this Sunday you should pay a little closer attention to what your Jesus preached, than what the human man on the pulpit is preaching - because if he is telling you that everyone else deserves to die, then he is dishonoring the collar he wears and the profession he practices.

Do you think everyone at the Sermon On The Mount was Christian? Got news for you.

Do you think it was ONLY Christians who partook of the bread and fish that were multiplied tenfold and shared? Got NEWS for you.

By advocating the murder of innocents, just because they don't believe as you do, you dishonor the faith you claim to keep.

Shame on you.

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